1. Why is there a need for an in-home house cleaning services estimate?

In order for our professional house cleaners to be able to thoroughly clean your home, we must first have our customer service representative for our maid services meet with you, so we can assess the individual needs for your home. The maid services walk-through will allow our professional house cleaners to give you the best possible price, while also providing a detailed manual for our professional house cleaners to follow when cleaning your home.

2. How Much Will It Cost for House Cleaning Services for My House? Estimate?

Every house is unique, and every house cleaning service fee is individually based. There are a variety of factors that will determine the cost of our maid services, such as the amount of time that will be spent in your home, number of residents, number of pets, cleanliness, etc. We have a standardized formula used to calculate each individual maid service estimate.

3. I know Home Cleaners 4 You need 48 hours notice to cancel my scheduled maid services visit.
What happens if I forget to let them know about my cancellation in time?

Our house cleaning service’s cancellation policy is as follows: 48- 24 hours prior, no charge. If our professional house cleaners are locked out of the house, we must charge $30 cancellation fee. We understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that come up. If you call our office prior to the maid service’s arrival, we will be happy to reschedule your house cleaning services for you at a nominal $15 charge to cover administrative costs needed to rebalance our teams’ workloads with short notice.

4. How is payment handled for maid services?

For your convenience, our maid services will set you up with an account using Visa, MasterCard, or Discovery. You also have the option to leave a check or cash on the kitchen countertop for the professional house cleaners arrival.

5. Are you insured and bonded to perform maid and professional house cleaning services?

Our maid services insurance is the best available. We are not only a bonded cleaning service, but we also have liability, crime and employee accident coverage. Your home and our affordable house cleaning team are included in the coverage. We will be happy to send you a certificate validating our maid service insurance.

6. Do I need to be home for your maid services?

Most of our customers are not home when we provide maid services for their homes. We keep detailed information about each costumer’s home regarding pets, access, and alarm codes, as well as any other special instructions. If you prefer to be home, we will schedule a time that is mutually convenient for our professional house cleaners to come in, but it is not required for you to do so.

7. How will you get into my home?

There are several ways to provide our maid services entry into your home. You can give us a key, hide a key, give us a code to the garage door if you have a keypad outside or you can make sure that someone is home for when the professional house cleaners arrive. Any key or garage code that is given to us is securely stored at our office, and are only released at the time for the maid services to be provided.

8. What about pets?

Most of our customers have pets of some kind. Pets are not a problem, but we do need to know ahead of time. Large and/or aggressive pets will need to be secured by the homeowner so that we can properly provide our professional maid services within your home.

9. Is there anything I need to do before the cleaning services?

In order to receive the best value for your money, we ask that you straighten up the night before. (All clothes, toys, and papers picked up from around the home).

10. What if something is missing or not cleaned property?

Simply call our office at 703-256-1288 right away, and we will have one of our supervisors return to your home within 24 hours to correct anything that needs attention. We answer our phone from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. You can also email us by using the “Contact Us ” page of this site. We strive to have our customers 100% satisfied every time we provide maid services to your home. We would prefer that you call us immediately if anything is not to your satisfaction and allow us to come and make it right within 24 hours.

11. What type of training do your professional house cleaners receive?

Our management team and cleaners are constantly trained on proper cleaning techniques: use of different cleaning equipment; use of alarms systems; workplace safety; organizational and time management skills; knowledge of our company’s policies; communication skills, with the costumer, coworkers, pets and the company; and map-reading skills.

12. Do your professional house cleaners speak English?

We are a non-discriminatory employer, and have a diverse, multi-cultural staff. Good communication is important to us. It is better to call the office at 703-256-1288 or email us (by using the “Contact Us ” page of this site) with your special instructions for maid services. You can leave any instructions you want but we typically prefer requests to come through the main office.

13. What maid services do you offer?

Our employees cannot climb higher than a step stool, work outside the home, move furniture that contains electronics, lift any objects over 50 pounds, prepare meals, or provide a pet- or children-related services.

14. Will you send the same professional house cleaners each time?

We make every effort to send the same team each visit. Occasionally, there may a change in teams due to illness, days off, vacation or turnover. We can almost always make sure one member of the previous team will be assigned. We will never send a residential cleaning team that we do not feel is qualified to conduct the house cleaning services properly and the teams are issued very specific.

15. Who provides the supplies and equipment for your maid services?

We will provide all of the cleaning supplies and “tools of our trade”. We never use industrial strength chemicals or cleaning solutions to clean your home. If you would prefer to provide the cleaning supplies, just leave the products of your preference out, and that are customized for your requirements and we will use them.

16. What if my routine cleaning falls on a holiday?

The only days that we do not provide maid services for is on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas day. If a routine cleaning happens to fall on one of those holidays, we will call you in advance to arrange a make-up date for your maid services. We work all federal holidays, and unless you cancel the service, you can expect the maid services to be provided on the dates selection, except for those stated above.

17. Am I responsible to the IRS for payroll and other taxes?

Absolutely not! We pay all appropriate taxes. You are simply our customer, not an employer. You have no responsibility to the IRS.

18. Can I hire your maid service provider directly?

No, and this is a major problem in our industry. Our service agreement states that you agree not to hire any past or present Home Cleaners 4 You employee within 2 years from the date that the employee last worked for hc4u, for any purpose whatsoever.

19. How do you protect my keys?

Your key is secured in a locked key safe in which only our office manager has access to. The key is issued to the team leader on the day of your service. The team leader returns the key at the end of the day and management returns it to the secured safe. If for some reason your key is lost, we are required by our insurance company to notify you immediately. We will pay to change your locks should you desire.

20. What happens if our employees get injured in your home?

Since we are a legitimate house cleaning service provider, all of our employees are covered under workers compensation insurance. You can not be sued or held liable for any injury to our employees.

Reach out to us if you have any questions! We’d love to hear from you.