The house was spotless.

This was the third cleaning service we tried. Our first two were not  so good and prices were shady and constantly changing. This experience was  completely different. Maria came to our house for a walk through estimate,  explained pricing and expectations, and answered all questions. It was very  professional. The cleaners (2 of them) arrived on time and got straight to work.  One spoke very good English, so no communication problems at all. We were  very pleased when we got home from work. The house was spotless. They even cleaned the glass shower door, the toothbrush holder, windows, stainless  steel appliances, and washed out the coffee pot! We were so happy! That day,  we called Maria and asked her for the bi-weekly service. They have come to  the house 3 times now, and each time is the same excellent service. We  couldn’t be more pleased, and the cost is well worth the time we have now on  weekends! I highly recommend!!

John Klapperich